Aloe Design produces some top-notch broadcast animations, always on deadline and on/under budget. I’ve worked with them for more than 4 years now, and their work continues to amaze me.

If you’re looking for video animation, I highly recommend Aloe Design.

Jini R. - Executive Video Producer at US EPA

It was a pleasure working with Aloe Design, a flexible company that generated a complex animation of a crashing 747 aircraft from data generated by National Transportation Safety Board software. The result was a flawless reproduction of the data in the form of a realistic animation. The finished product was delivered on time, even after our requirements changed in mid-production on several occasions. I will certainly be working with Aloe Design again.

Tom S. - Documentary Film Producer

I worked with Aloe Design on the trailer for my indie film. I gave very little input and they made a phenomenal trailer. Their skills are top of the line and their work ethic has no peer. I needed someone to make my ok indie film look like a bigger, better production and all I’m going to say is that after Aloe Design was done, people with deep pockets who watched the trailer were excited and are interested in investing in the project. Aloe Design will make your project look better than you ever could.

Josh D. - Digital Product Manager at Gannett

I highly recommend Aloe Design. They are meticulous, organized and diligent. They have a terrific ability to translate ideas and concepts into creative reality. Aloe Design’s work for Flaneur Media was excellent and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with him again.

Sesh K. - Project Management Professional