What Services Does Aloe Offer?

Aloe Design specializes in 3D animation, motion graphics, and compositing.
We also offer 3D modeling, color correction, special effects, motion tracking, video editing, audio mixing, and more.

How Can Your Organization Use Animation?

Some of the most popular uses for animation are:Lanature1882_praxinoscope_projection_reynaud

  • Kinetic Typography 
    Spice up your video production with flying text to keep your viewer engaged.
  • Live Event Graphics
    Enhance your stage with animated session titles, speaker intros, sponsor logos and backgrounds.
  • Broadcast Packages
    Give your video production the graphics it deserves with custom titles, segment intros, lower 3rds, credits, backgrounds and more.
  • Virtual Sets
    Put your green screen actors on a spaceship or inside a whale!
  • Animated logos
    Imagine your logo animated in 2D or 3D for use on websites or video productions!
  • Film and Documentary Animation
    Enhance your film with animation and visual effects.
  • Broadcast Advertising
    Consulting, copy writing, and animation services to move your product fast!
  • Scientific and Medical Applications
    Visualize any hard-to-communicate ideas, processes, or reactions that cannot easily be filmed.
  • Training Applications
    Animate your latest educational content to keep your audience engaged and learning.
  • Accident re-creation for courtroom use
    Working with your scientists and engineers, Aloe Design will make sure that any physics simulation or other portrayals are scientifically accurate.
  • Movie trailers
    Starting from your film footage, we’ll add voice over, editing and titles to create a stunning trailer.
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