EPA “EV’s Explained” Motion Graphics Animation

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Aloe Design animated this PSA for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help increase awareness of electric vehicles and how they work.

“EVs produce no tailpipe emissions. While charging the battery may increase pollution at the power plant, total emissions associated with driving EVs are still typically less than those for gasoline cars—particularly if the electricity is generated from renewable energy sources like wind.”

  • Project Type: YouTube PSA
  • Services Provided: 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Editing, Sound Design
  • Customer: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Website: epa.gov/greenvehicles

TWA Flight 800 Animations

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This is a short clip from the “TWA Flight 800″ documentary featuring animation from Aloe Design. For the map section, Aloe Design worked closely with the producers to translate original radar data into animation representing the exact flight path of TWA Flight 800. The witness point of view animations were created with direct input from the eyewitnesses. The closeup 3D animation of the plane emulates the look of the original NTSB animation of this event.

Aloe Design created all the animation in this clip. The video and audio segments are used with permission from the film’s producers.

Unica Kinetic Typography

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Aloe Design created this kinetic typography animation for UNICA, The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association, to showcase the benefits of sugarcane ethanol. The client provided the script, and Aloe crafted the animation using animated type combined with vector graphics in about two weeks.

  • Project Type: YouTube PSA
  • Services Provided: 2D Animation, Kinetic Typography
  • Customer: UNICA
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Website: http://sugarcane.org

The League of SI Superheroes Motion Comic

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Aloe Design helped produce and animate this motion-comic short about the superheroes of measurement for NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It was created for display at the recent USA Science and Engineering Festival in DC. It is intended to appeal to a 9th grade audience and to work with or without sound.


Aloe Compositing Reel

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Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene. Live-action shooting for compositing is variously called “chroma key”, “blue screen”, “green screen” and other names. Source: Wikipedia

Aloe Design provides expert compositing services, including:

  • Matte Removal / Cleanup
  • Virtual Sets
    • Add a scene behind your actor footage
    • Can include light wrap and edge glow to add to immersion
  • Motion Tracking
    • Insert 3D models or text into your live action scene
    • Replace elements in your video
    • Remove elements from your video
  • Rotoscoping
  • Wire Removal
  • Color Correction

Clean ? Coal

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The coal industry has spent millions of dollars on ad campaigns trying to change Americans’ perceptions over dirty coal. The ads have attempted to whitewash, or “greenwash,” coal using the oxymoron “clean” for one of the greatest source of pollution of our air, water and land.

Animated to the tune “Honestly Sincere,” this video shows a chunk of Coal trying to clean up his image by covering himself with green paint, but everywhere he goes he wreaks havoc: literally leaving carbon footprints, exuding coal dust, dirtying streams, heating up the atmosphere, causing air pollution, and in the end, destroying wildlife, and decimating an entire mountain top. There is nothing about Coal that is clean- and the coal industries’ ads are anything but “Honestly Sincere.”

How to Add Motion Blur to your 3D Animation in Post Production by Creating 2D Motion Vectors in Maya

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This is a four-part tutorial about adding motion blur to a Maya render by first creating a 2D motion vector sequence and then using it with ReelSmart Motion Blur in post production. I’ll be covering Maya 2009’s 2D motion vector pass as well as installation and use of the lm_2DMV shader for earlier Maya versions. Once this technique is part of your pipeline, it can be a tremendous time saver compared with creating (and waiting for) motion blur from within Maya. It also provides the flexibility of applying any amount of motion blur without having to re-render. Read More

Compositing Maya 2009 Render Passes with After Effects

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I’ve been experimenting with Maya 2009’s Mental Ray Render Passes feature. It’s intended to easily allow separation of different elements of the render into separate images. An easy example would be separating the diffuse light from the shadow. In practice it seems to be way more finicky ( or broken) than it ought to be. After many trials I’ve developed a workflow via After Effects that successfully composites all my passes so that they just about match the default composite render. Read More